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The White Paper


Over the past decade, teams of researchers from institutions around the world have examined the relationship between aging, disease and function. They have worked to validate the hypothesis that the biological mechanisms of aging are central to the pathogenesis of most chronic diseases and that therapeutics targeting the biology of aging are feasible. The name of this relatively new field of scientific inquiry is geroscience and its goal is to identify therapies that will simultaneously halt, slow or treat the major, chronic diseases of aging. 

Recent research has produced some remarkable demonstrations of modulated aging in model organisms and elucidated a number of pathways relevant to aging that are conserved across species, marking them as promising targets for intervention. First generation geroscience therapeutics, including metformin, rapamycin NAD agents and senolytics are currently undergoing clinical trials and novel, age-modulating compounds targeting the hallmarks of aging are in development.  

The objective of this White Paper, and the consensus symposium that accompanies it, is to develop and solicit community feedback on a model, national science and technology initiative designed to rapidly advance the scientific understanding, regulatory framework and workforce engagement necessary to translate the promise of emerging geroscience research into the reality of clinical care in the United States. A comparable effort is already well defined in the United Kingdom and the success of such an initiative in this country holds profound implications for healthcare quality and cost and the well-being of our aging population.

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