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National Geroscience Initiative

Defining a National Research Vision Utilizing the Biology of Aging to Optimize Human Performance, Healthspan and Lifespan

The mission of the National Geroscience Initiative is to communicate the promise of geroscience research to a broad audience and help to define a national strategy to rapidly advance the field in service to all Americans. 

Initiative collaborators include people and organizations from the academic, not-for-profit, industry and philanthropy sectors.​ In May 2021, the initiative launched a national conversation on Geroscience and the biology of aging through production of White Paper and Virtual Symposium. That White Paper and Symposium may be downloaded and viewed through this site.  


  • Leading research institutions have produced findings relating to the biology of aging that have clinically relevant implications for Human Performance, Healthspan and Lifespan.

  • Delay and/or amelioration of deficits, illness and disability yields substantial dividends in both reduced economic impact, and overall well being for our aging population.

  • Relevant therapeutics are currently commercially available and others can be formulated from low-cost readily available compounds. 

  • A broad vision for rapidly advancing the field of geroscience has emerged through the White Paper, Symposium and ongoing collaboration between government agencies, academic research centers, not-for-profit organizations, philanthropists and industry leaders. 

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